The Egg Drop is an exciting Scout experiment in engineering and learning about the laws of gravity.  Scouts can sharpen their engineering skills by preparing a container or apparatus to hold a raw egg, which will be dropped from a high point – with the goal being you don’t wind up with a scrambled egg!


  • Participants must members of the Cub Scouts.
  • Raw egg, provided by Cub Scout, cannot be wrapped in tape or coated in glue and/or latex cement or other material that will prevent the judges from checking for cracked eggs.
  • No Parachute Designs.
  • Dropping a live chicken is NOT permitted!
  • Cub Scout must make his own container/apparatus.
  • All material for container and inside padding to be supplied by Cub Scout. Suggestions include jello, cooked pasta, popcorn, crushed newspapers, plastic or Styrofoam peanuts—use your imagination.
  • The largest container size allowed is 12” X 12” X 12”
  • Each package must be clearly marked with the Cub Scout’s name.
  • Raw egg should be placed inside plastic sandwich bag (to prevent mess) inside the apparatus.
  •  Entries may be sealed prior to arrival. Eggs will be inspected after the drop.
  • Depending on the venue, drop will be conducted or supervised by the egg drop staff.
  • Containers will be cut open (and potentially destroyed) after drop to check if egg survived the drop or if it is ready for the frying pan.
  • Decision of the egg drop judges is final in all cases.

Design contests for the Egg Drop event

Prizes will be awarded for the following

  1. Smallest Container - This award will be given to the smallest apparatus that successfully completes the Egg Drop without breaking the egg inside. Maximum size is 12” X 12” X 12”.
  2. Scout Pride - This award will be given to the apparatus that shows the most Cub Scout Pride. The egg does not need to survive unscathed to win this design award.
  3. Coolest Design - This award will be given to the apparatus with the most unique/original design that successfully completes the Egg Drop without breaking the egg inside.

There will be a different winner for these three design contests.

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