Popcorn Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Show and Sell?

During the Show and Sell phase we sell popcorn that has been preordered for the pack at store front locations. The locations  are assigned on a weekly basis for scouts participating in Show and Sell.  All sales during this period count toward popcorn prizes.

Should the scouts where their uniforms when they sell popcorn?

Yes, they should wear the Class A uniforms whenever selling at a Show and Sell location or door-to-door.

Prepare your scout for door-to-door selling!

Practice a sales spiel with them--"Our Cub Scout Pack is selling delicious popcorn to help pay for all the activities we do. Could you help support us? Would you like to look at all of the different types of popcorn? They make great Christmas presents for teachers and friends."

Know your favorite product to recommend--many customers ask.

Know your favorite activities--customers like to know what they are supporting.  If your goal is to get into the scholarship program, tell your customers this!  Point out the Popcorn for the Troops donation if they don't like popcorn.

**Always wear your Class A Uniform.

**Always say thank you even if they don't buy anything.

**Always use sidewalks and stay off lawns.

**Always sell with another scout or adult.

When do Scouts collect the money?

It is strongly preferred that scouts collect money when they get the popcorn order.

If customers agree to pay when they place their order, accept the payment and be sure to check the "Pd" box on the order form.

To whom should checks be made out?

Customers should make checks payable to "Pack 169 Austin".

When will the popcorn arrive?

Den leaders will pick up the popcorn for their den from the warehouse on November 13th and make arrangements to deliver the popcorn to the scouts. Scouts are responsible for delivering the popcorn to their customers and collecting the appropriate payment.

Who should scouts give the money to after it has been collected?

Scouts should give their money and completed order forms to Lori Snider  by October 28th, 2016.

There have been problems in the past with money getting lost in the transfer from scout to Popcorn Kernel.  In order to eliminate this problem all scouts this year will turn in order forms and money directly to Lori Snider.

When do scouts receive their prizes?

Prizes will be given at a Pack Meeting once all money for the popcorn sales has been collected and turned in. Be considerate of your fellow scouts and please turn in your money promptly.

Can we sell over the Internet?

Yes.  First you need to create an account for your Scout:

STEP 1:    Go to scouts.trails-end.com to sign in or create an account

STEP 2:    Change "Who you support" top green bar

STEP 3:    Click on SCOUTS on the bottom left

STEP 4:     Choose your email template -- and create you own Scout image -- to send emails to friends and family.  Don't forget to follow up!

STEP 5    Go to Track My Online Sales to see who has made a purchase.

Learn about bonus giveaways, too!  go to facebook.com/trailsendpopcorn to find out more.

How do I enter my scout's Take Order sales into the website?

Go to http://scouting.trails-end.com/TESales/ScoutArea/ScoutLogin.asp

Click “Trail’s End Island” or “Extreme Fun”  (doesn't matter which one)

Enter user id and password

user id = firstlast name (no caps, no spaces)

password = popcorn

Click “My Account” and change username and password

Click “Ordering”

Click “Order 11/13/2016"

Enter item numbers into columns

You may enter names line by line if you wish, or enter Total Sale as name in Line 1 and enter your column totals.

Click “Submit Completed Rows to Unit”